Michael Holland Productions Natural History Exhibit Features

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About Michael Holland Productions:

MHP is a creative content studio offering a variety of services to museums and other educational and public outreach entities. We understand that a truly memorable exhibit is the result of careful attention to detail, thoughtful planning, and clear and thorough communication with the client. We strive to employ these principles to everything we produce, whether it is a single item to be added into an existing exhibit, or a larger installation being designed and built from scratch. Understanding the many challenges and concerns faced by museums including research, education, maintenance, security, budgets and schedules allows us to work cooperatively and productively with museum professionals.

About Michael Holland:

Michael Holland has been interested in natural history (especially dinosaurs!) since he was a very young child. Michael began working in the museum field in 1989 at the Museum of the Rockies while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Montana State University. During the years since then, he has developed the technical skills of a fossil preparator and the refined artistic skills of a sculptor and metalsmith. Higher education in biology and in fine arts has enabled Michael to occupy a unique space at the intersection of art and science. Working from this perspective, he is able to create high quality exhibit features that fascinate and educate museum visitors and earn the respect of leading scientists and curators.