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Services available from MHP

Fossil reconstruction

The often incomplete and fragmentary nature of fossil remains can make them difficult for museum visitors to identify and understand without the aid of reconstruction. These fragile and irreplaceable objects can only be safely and accurately reconstructed by those who possess a rare combination of fossil preparation skills, anatomical knowledge and artistic ability. MHP offers this combination to our clients. Michael has personally reconstructed some of the most significant fossil specimens museums have to offer. Please see our portfolio section for examples.

Specimen mounting

Mounting objects for exhibit display requires considerable knowledge of the physical characteristics and limitations of the objects, and of the materials and tools used to fabricate the mounting hardware. In most instances, mounts must be custom made for each object. Familiarity with a wide range of materials enables MHP to produce secure yet accessible (to museum staff and researchers) mounts for nearly any object or specimen.


Familiarity with and knowledge of a variety of materials enables MHP to produce durable sculptures of nearly any subject matter, from dinosaur anatomy, natural environments and artifacts to architectural elements and interpretive models. Please see our portfolio images for examples. If your exhibit needs something that doesn't yet exist, we can probably create it. We welcome new challenges!


A strong sense of aesthetics and functionality result in exhibit features that maximize the exhibit visitor experience. We strive to produce durable features that are built to last. Care is taken to understand the overall look and feel of an exhibit environment and to ensure that our features are supportive of that environment.


MHP will gladly install the exhibit features that we create. Experience provides understanding of and respect for the balance between museum staff, visitors, and external contractors. We understand the collaborative nature of exhibits, and make every effort to work well with all parties involved.

Development / production of educational and retail items

Museums frequently rely on docents and informal educators to supplement their exhibits and programming. MHP understands the value of their efforts, and is pleased to assist them by developing and fabricating demonstration aids and "hands-on" interpretive items. As museums constantly seek to increase their revenue streams, many are choosing to develop their own retail products to support their exhibits. Our artistic experience and material knowledge can help your museum develop these items.

Molding and casting

In many cases, the safest way to display or reconstruct a specimen is to employ cast reproductions. MHP offers mold making and casting services which utilize state-of-the-art molding compounds and careful technique to reproduce objects with amazing detail and fidelity. We are able to cast in a variety of materials such as polymer resins, cement products or metals to best suit the intended purpose.

Props and set pieces for video

Interpretive performance is becoming an increasingly popular means to communicate with museum visitors, especially through video displays. We are pleased to apply our creative skills to produce the items needed to create realistic environments and convincing characters for your interpretive video productions.